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What is the purpose of safety cables?

The purpose of safety cables is to prevent extension garage door springs from snapping against the walls of your garage or anyone standing by in case they break. Since, these special cables are laced with the springs; they keep them in place according to our specialists.

How often should I change the opener?

Electric operators aren't replaced very often. Unless there are serious problems or your garage door opener doesn't comply with the UL 325 requirements, you should replace it after many years or when its problems become more trouble than its benefits.

How do I know if my spring system needs to be replaced?

Visual inspection can play a major part in determining this. You need to check for rust and if there are gaps in between the coils of the springs. This means that the spring is not as tightly coiled as it should be. A rough guideline is to replace them every 10,000 cycles, or every seven to 12 years.

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