We offer only the best repair services in the market

The cornerstone of our company is the ability of our technicians to put excellence in whatever they do and ensure quality garage door repairs

Protect your fingers from injuries

Fingers are often injured in garage door sections and when people attempt to close the door manually. So, don't place your fingers in the sections. Get handles. Also, Amarr produces garage doors with safety sections where you cannot place your fingers according to our experts.

Watch your door as it comes down

People often press the button to close the overhead door and leave without checking it. Anything can go wrong. The door might not reach the floor, a small animal might pass through or an object might obstruct it causing it to reverse. Stay until it's closed.

Get steel garage doors

Today, there are different kinds of steel garage doors. There are insulated ones with even multiple panel layers, galvanized ones or plain steel. The material is extremely strong and can be painted in any color. It's the ideal solution according to our specialists for aesthetic and strength reasons.

Pay attention to the state of the pulleys

Our garage door service crew can attest to how common pulley problems are. The defects in pulleys usually emerge as the difficulty of the door to stably open or close. For regular garage door maintenance, the pulleys’ condition can be checked by disengaging the electric door opener and releasing the tension to observe how they behave.

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